Senior Front Desk Officer

Full Time 3 weeks ago
Employment Information


  • Represents the hotel to the guest throughout all stages of the guest's stay.
  • Determinate's a guest's reservation status and identifies how long the guest will stay.
  • Helps guests complete registration cards and then assigns rooms, accommodating special requests whenever possible.
  • Verifies the guest's method of payment and follows established credit-checking procedures.
  • Places guest and room information in the appropriate front desk racks and communicates this information to the appropriate hotel personal.

Education:- BHM/HM Holder  
Experience:-  At least two years of work experience as Sr. Front Desk Agent with three star property. 

PREREQUISITES: Education: High school graduate or equivalent. Must speak, read. Write, and understand the primary language used in the workplace. Must be able to speak and understand the primary language used by the guests who visits the hotel. 


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Job Sanjal - Opportunity Made Real